You are no longer restricted to charging your electric car in your garage or next to a wall.
Less cable above ground that could be a trip hazard.
Posts can be surface mounted or rooted in the ground.
Made from high quality stainless steel and manufactured in the UK.


We are the UK’s number 1 manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high quality, stainless steel, electric vehicle charger posts. Our customers are in both the commercial and residential sector.

We are optimistic that we will empower more people to choose an electric car because the EVCAP expands the possible locations for a charge station. Whether you charge at home or at work, whether you need to mount a single charger or multiple chargers, and whether you choose to surface mount or root the post in the ground, we have the perfect solution.

With a dedicated workforce delivering the highest quality products at incredibly competitive prices.

We pride ourselves in our quality craftsmanship.




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